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Malcom X “I’m A Dead Man Already” Powerful Interview Exposing Hypocrisy Within

Welcome to Thoughts Camera Action #ProvokingThought I learned a lot from Uncle Malcolm in this video he was truly a man of integrity who had the courage to point out the double-dealing from his own people and did not smokescreen or downplay it despite the repercussions. SUPPORT THOUGHTS CAMERA ACTION HERE:




Revolutionary Daily Thought

Photo Description: Incarcerated workers on Parchman Farm, taken by overseers, 1930s

“You ultimately judge the civility of a society not by how it treats the rich, the powerful, the protected and the highly esteemed, but by how it treats the poor, the disfavored and the disadvantaged….”

— Bryan Stevenson

Revolutionary Daily Thought

It’s been a long journey, one that will last for a lifetime and, altho it’s been really hard and trying, I’ve kept growing and growing. No matter how hard the times and experiences, I always remember that it is 10 or 20 times harder for billions out there. Heck, it’s much harder for the poor, the workers and the average person (citizen or not) in this country. It doesn’t minimize my situation or make it easier for me, but it keeps me grounded to not be complaining, bothering, or burdening anyone for much of anything. Living within my self reliant principles and constantly building the New Man has allowed me to stay humble, considerate, and I’ve found a personal freedom which cannot be deterred or taken away. I hope you can understand me, but we can always keep conversating, exchanging and being good company, providing you want to stay around. Hugo “Yogi” Pinell

Revolutionary Daily Thought

 “Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, 
that people  are dying who could be saved, that generations more will live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. 
Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution.” 
Fallen Black Panther Field Marshal, Comrade George L. Jackson  (1941-1971)