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Harvard Researcher Says Afrikans Are 100% Pure Human Than The Rest

A Harvard researcher has declared that Africans are the only race that has 100 percent human DNA while the rest have Neanderthal DNA in them. While this seems controversial another separate study colludes with the Harvard study.

Dr. David Emil Reich, a genetics professor at Harvard, and his colleagues analyzed the genetic variants of 846 non-African people, 175 people who live in the sub-Saharan region of Africa, and a 50,000-year-old Neanderthal man.

They have found out that nine genetic variants found in humans are associated with specific traits that can be found in Neanderthals. The same genetic variants are the same ones responsible for such diseases, such as Type-2 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, lupus, optic disk size, and biliary cirrhosis.

The Harvard researcher and his team also found that this Neanderthal DNA affects how keratin filaments developed. As opposed to humans, Neanderthals have more keratin filaments than humans making their skin tougher. This allows them to survive in harsh, cold, climates. That DNA was beneficial to the human survival in such climates.

separate study conducted by Dr. Benjamin Vernot and Dr. Joshua Akey from the University of Washington yielded the same conclusion after the scientists analyzed the genetic makeup of 286 East Asians and 379 Europeans.

According to the duo, Neanderthal skin genes are present in Europeans and East Asians. On the other hand, the rest of the genes are not compatible with the human genome and they most probably become extinct. One area of the human genome where the Neanderthal DNA is absent is that which affects human language and speech.

Harvard researcher DR. Reich said that the goal of the study is to understand how this DNA impact the biological impact of how human and Neanderthal DNA flow. It will also show the scientists what genes have been preserved and which ones have been rejected through the process of natural selection.


Author: blkpride


4 thoughts on “Harvard Researcher Says Afrikans Are 100% Pure Human Than The Rest”

  1. This study also supports the myth that people did not exist in North, Central or South America. I did not attend Harvard however I believe I have evidence that everyone does not include only Asian, European and African people.

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      1. Thank you Fam for publishing this, studies like this should be published, read and critiqued. I tend to use humour to make a observation which is that it is too bad that he did not extend his research group and try to include some of the so called extinct races, like the Arrernte and Inuit.

        I would like very much to see what the results would be if samples were taken from around the planet. This study unfortunately was very Euro/Western centrist which is not the fault of the author but of the systems and funders dictate what data is to be studied and who is to be included.

        I do not believe that these systems are serving the greater good or helping us find solutions, but for the time they are what we are stuck with. That and our right to digest and analyze the information for ourselves. DNA is a new science and I look forward to reading more of what is revealed when it is done in an unbiased and inclusive manner. Being proud of your dna and ancestors is a good thing, something we all have the right to be proud of. No one chooses who they are born to and where, the fact that your ancestors managed to provide you with what you need to survive on your territory is a wonderful thing for everyone. I am obviously acclimatized for the cold, I do not function as well in hotter climates, that holds true for people who come from southern communities, they struggle with the climate here. This fact does not make either group better or worse than the other, we would both lose races on each others territories and come across as inferior, no one human race is all that.

        Right now the power structures are not eager to have studies that destroy their myths regarding first people and magical migration’s that were suppose to have happened because it would hurt their economic interests which are the only thing that matters in that culture. The science of DNA is a powerful tool that will be careful controlled and used for the benefit of the few rather that for the betterment of us all much like everything else we are suppose to be so smugly proud of these days.

        Love to you and yours, a special hello to Little Mama, bet she is doing fine.

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